More Neighborhood Information

Richmond Hill has become home to  an increasingly large population as per the US Census 2010 Data, from all walks of life; its location which lies in the heart of major transportation hubs like the JFK Airport, the "A" line from Brooklyn and Manhattan and several heavily used bus lines, happens to be one reason many people are attracted to the area. Many immigrants in the community love the easy access to fresh and wide choice of Caribbean products and the "Chutney" music in the air creates the home away from home feelings.

The diversity of ethnic groups in the area surely embodies the true meaning of Queens. Although there is a continuous influx of Guyanese, Trinidadians and Punjabis in the community since 1970s, there is a wide range of other ethnic group that call Richmond Hill home. As such the diversity of the community is portrayed through the many Mandirs, Mosques, Churches, culture, customs, values and foods.

Richmond Hill stands out quite proudly as an enticing treat to the taste buds. There is no shortage of places to eat, from exquisite restaurants to home grown bakeries and many fast-food chain establishments, one can certainly experience and enjoy a myriad of cuisines from West Indian, Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, Dominican etc. In addition to shopping and eating there are many places that residents and visitors of the community can enjoy including public libraries, parks, places of worship and the many nightclubs.

Richmond Hill has not been immune to the difficulties resulting from the current economic downturn. However, the resiliency of the Liberty Avenue commercial district has been exemplified with new businesses replacing closed or vacant ones, as it continues to be competitive during the current challenges.

As a result of the cultural diversity and the numerous stores and eateries, Richmond Hill continues to be one of the most eclectic and vibrant communities in the Borough of Queens.