Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood Information

About The Neighborhood

The Liberty Ave Retail Corridor is approximately two-mile stretch along Liberty Avenue from Woodhaven Boulevard to the Van Wyck Expressway, lined with over 800 vibrant businesses. Business owners face many challenges in operating a business and maximizing its potential. By uniting and using a collective voice we can help improve business conditions on Liberty Avenue. The Richmond Hill Economic Development Council - RHEDC will provide the tools for businesses to grow and expand in Richmond Hill. a cleaner, greener and more inviting neighborhood for residents and an attraction for tourists and visitors from outside the community.

The Liberty Avenue Retail Corridor is a vibrant hub of commercial, cultural and community activities in South Queens.  For several decades, it has served many residents, especially those of Indo-Caribbean descent.  The space, the aorta of Richmond Hill, has become synonymous with Guyanese culture in New York, so much so that it is popularly called "Little Guyana". read more>

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