Berbice Gold - Genuine Guyanese Sugar

New Development In Richmond Hill

Please send all your Seniors to Liberty Palace 130-11 Liberty Ave every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM

Please attend our Diwali Dinner

Please pre-register by attending our weekly Wednesday Session at 128-04 Liberty Ave from 11:00 AM

Please secure your Rain Water Barrel before 07/22/2017

Please attend this event as Thursday 07/27/2017 is the last session

Free Citizenship Application Assistance

Please share this information

Kathak and Bomba meet in NYC

Please support our Cultural Queen Romanee Kalicharran

RHEDC Co Sponsoring a Free Rain Water Barrel program

Please come a get a free barrel at Smokey Park

RHEDC supports the Guyana 50th Golden Jubilee


Thanks for supporting your local community!